Production List

The Brockville Arts Centre

One of Canada’s Finest Heritage Theatres and Meeting Venues.
a) Licensed Lobby/Arts Gallery – Holds 122 people, Steinway Baby Grand piano, sound system, portable seating. Ideal for media events, cocktail parties, receptions, dinner set up for 50 persons.
b) Main auditorium – seats 710, Steinway Concert Grand piano, state of the art sound system, large movie screen for AV presentations, premium seats. Ideal for weddings, stage dinners for 80 people, media events, speakers, live entertainment, dance competitions, product launches. Full production facilities. Box office services for ticket sales.
c) We offer free event planning/consultation and free parking for renters and patrons.
Rated #1 attraction in Brockville by Trip Advisor.

Seating Capacity

View our Seating Map here
Orchestra: 478
Balcony: 232
Total: 710
*Wheelchair Accessible
* Phonic Ear System for the hearing impaired

Box Office

The Box Office offers telephone and counter service utilizing Theatre Manager Box Office software .

Tuesday to Friday 10am – 5pm & Saturday 11am – 2pm

Other Service: Ticket Printing and Sales Subscriptions

Front of House

Staff and Services: House Manager, Bar/Concession, Coat Checking, Ushers

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Opening: Width 38 ft., Height 21 ft., 14 inches deep
Curtain Line: to back wall 38 ft.
Centre Line: to stage right 32 ft., to stage left 33 ft.
Free Height: 20 ft overall

Stage Floor

Black masonite on plywood
Not Rake
No Elevators


Grid Height: 60 ft.
Counterweight Fly Lines: 25
Electric Bars: 5
Pipe Length: 40 ft.
1000 lbs. capacity
Operation Stage Left Gallery


House Curtain:
Manually operated stage left or can be flown in and out
Borders/Teaser: 2 – black 40 ft. x 8ft. high
Legs: 5 sets – black 12 ft. wide x 28 ft. high
Travellers: 3 sets – 40 ft. wide x 28 ft. high (1 royal, 1 red, 1 black)
Cyclorama: 1 – 40 ft. x 30 ft. high, Tie on Canvas

Orchestra Pit

Access: Stage left, or access through music room off dressing room area
Overall Pit Size: 38 ft. side x 9 ft. (centre) 8 ft. (ends) – 5’4″ deep
Accommodated Musicians: 22


9ft Steinway D Concert Grand (stage)
5ft Steinway M Baby Grand (lobby)
Both pianos in good working condition

Projection Room

Located at the rear of balcony
– Changeover booth
– Two custom modified Phillips 16mm projectors fitted with Pearless Magna Arc lamps
– Supersimplex 35mm projectors with Pearless Magnarc lamps




ETC 72 channel insight console CRT monitor 36
Dimming: Colortran ENR 96 dimmer rack 2.4K per dimmer
Plugs: All plugs new style 20 amp Twistlock
20 x 1k Colortran Fresnels
16 x 1k PAR 64
10 x source 4 – 575
CYC lights x 4
4 x 1k 6 x 16 Strand (2216)
4 x 1k Scoops (750 watt bulbs)
48 x 1k Colortran 5/50
Follow-Spots: 2 Altaman Follow Spots (operated from projection booth)

Sound System Rev1.0 03Dec09 (download PDF here)


DiGiCo™ SD8 Mixing Console with Overdrive Software

– 48 Mic/Line Inputs and 8 Line Outputs on XLR Stage Box
– Remote controlled, studio grade, Mic Pre’s
– On-board local I/O with 8 Mic/Line Inputs, 8 line Outputs and 8 AES I/O. All on XLR.
– 36 Touch-sensitive Faders (+ Stereo/LCR Master Fader) on Worksurface
– Up to 24 (Mono or Stereo) Mix busses + LCR Master Mix busses
– 16 In x 12 Out fully assignable Matrix (independent and in addition to the 51 Mix busses)
– 2 independent Solo busses
– 8 internal stereo FX processors (including reverbs)
– 24 x third-octave 32-band fully assignable graphic EQ’s
– 8 channels (Mono or Stereo), 4-band, fully assignable, Dynamic EQ
– 8 channels (Mono or Stereo), 4-band, fully assignable, Multiband Compressor
– Snapshot cue control automation with timed crossfade
– Offline and Online session control programming
Console can be removed. 48 Pair Analog Snake with 8 Returns from Stage to FOH permanently Installed.
Coax and Cat6e Pairs from Stage to FOH permanently installed.


– TASCAM™ CD200i CD Player with iPod dock.


(NOTE: All Meyer Loudspeakers are Self-Powered)
Stereo L-R House System consisting of:
– Meyer Sound™ UPQ-2P Upper & UPQ-1P Lower with 700HP Sub per side
– Meyer Sound™ UPM-1P (x5) Under Balcony Delay Fill
– Meyer Sound™ UPJunior (Left & Right) Upper Balcony Corner Delay Fill
– Meyer Sound™ MM4-XP (x5) Stage Lip Front Fill
– Meyer Sound™ Sound Galileo 6 IN x 16 OUT Loudspeaker System Controller
– SIM™ Tuned & Optimized for even Floor, Under-Balcony and Balcony Coverage, Tone and SPL


– Meyer Sound™ UPJ-1P (x6)


Qty Brand Model & Description
5 Shure™ Beta57
2 Shure™ Beta58
4 Shure™ Beta87C
2 Shure™ Beta91
1 Shure™ SM57
1 Shure™ Beta52
4 Shure™ Beta98D/S
4 Shure™ SM81
6 K&M™ 259 Black – Short stand with Telescoping Boom
6 K&M™ 27195 Black – Regular Stand with Telescoping Boom
6 K&M™ 260 Black – Round Base Mic Stand


– Multiple Wired intercom drops throughout Theatre, Backstage and Green Room
– Clear-Com™ MS-232 A & B Channel Main (Loudspeaker) Station & Main Power Supply.
– Clear-Com™ RS-501 BeltPacks with CC-95 (single-muff) or CC-250 (dual-muff) Headsets
– HME™ 2.4GHz Wireless Intercom Base Station interfaced into wired intercom system
– 4 x HME™ Wireless BeltPacks with HS16 (single-muff) Headsets


– Listen™ Master Stationary Transmitter (72 MHz) Model LT-800
– 10 x Portable Display FM Personal Receivers with Ear Speakers for use by our patrons.

Dressing Rooms

2 large chorus rooms, 3 small (1 with private washroom), large hallway, male & female water closets
Equipment: dressing tables, chairs, portable clothes racks, mirrors, makeup lights, sinks, ironing board and iron, electrical outlets, catering tables and eating area, pop machines, couches, washer/dryer

Green Room

Available in lobby for receptions or private functions. Please inquire.

Loading Area

Location: East wall of stage
Loading Dock: 4.5 ft. from ground, dock at storage level
Loading Door: 7’10” high, 7’8″ wide