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Shaer Productions presents


Saturday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets $28.50 + HST

The Power Connection has been thirty years in the making.   It all started back in the late 60’s and early 70’s when a brand-new sound hit the airwaves.  Until this point four chord Rock & Roll was the standard in music.  There were a few pioneers in the music industry like the Beatles which had experimented with many sounds, including incorporating orchestral and Eastern instruments in their music.  These ground-breakers prepared the way for a new wave of music that displayed a musical sophistication, which included larger, more diverse instrumentation, music that features more variety in tempo changes, dynamics, rhythmic diversity, chord structure and harmony.  Thus, the introduction of the rock horn band.

Groups like Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago), Blood, Sweat & Tears, Tower of Power and Canada’s own Lighthouse lead us in a new musical direction.  This new music that was a combination of Rock, Blues and Jazz caught on like a wildfire and very soon dominated the airwaves.  Over 30 years later, this music is still given substantial airplay and is held up as the standard in music education.

The members of The Power Connection have been performing this music professionally for over three decades and bring with them over two hundred and fifty years of combined experience.  Our mandate is to reproduce the sounds of these groups as authentically as possible and to take our audience on a journey back to a happier, care-free time of their lives.  Our audiences tell us that our musical journey has brought back a flood of happy memories and has kept them singing their favorite songs all night long.

In our quest to reproduce the unique sound of each of these groups we have through extensive negotiations, acquired the original music charts right from the groups as performed live in concert.  These extended long-play versions contain additional features not heard on the top 40 AM stations including: extra verses, choruses and solos.  The next challenge was to find musicians that could perform these charts and do them justice.  This involved an extensive search and months of auditions.  Our final goal was to find vocalists that had the versatility to cover the demands of the different vocal styles from the high melodic voice of Chicago’s Peter Cetera to the low, powerful voice of Blood, Sweat & Tears David Clayton Thomas.  We are fortunate to have four very diverse lead vocalists who have accepted this challenge.

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